About Us

Having been a security guard as a profession for over 20 years and a hunter/outdoorsman for longer than that as a hobby, I’ve had my hands on enough gear to have wasted a lot of money and to have been disappointed with quality of some gear on the market.  That’s basically why I started Security & Patrol USA.  I wanted to ensure that others who bought the kind of gear that I was buying didn’t end up disappointed for worse.  The thing is, that security guard equipment and hunting gear can be a matter of safety, life, and death.  It’s that important.  Not all people may recognize that, but I can assure you that those on patrol and who are guarding various parts of the world in a security role will attest to it.

So, here’s what we do here:  We pick and choose the kind of security and outdoors gear that we know which will ensure a safe day on the job or in the wild.  We then tear it apart and try to decide whether it’s truly worth the time and money of you buying or thinking about it.  Our reviews are accurate and non-bias.  We do it for you.

We also provide a nice group of informational articles about the security jobs and best practices…as well as the kind of gear that you’ll need if you’re jut starting out.

-Thanks, SP Staff and Reviews