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Health and Safety Tips for Outdoor Workers

Many people work outdoors as part of their employment. Road workers, construction workers, parks and recreation officers, and so many more people spend a lot of time in the summer sun. In order to take the best care of themselves, these people need to be especially careful during the summer months. There are some ways to stay safe while working outdoors, and here are some tips to do so.

Follow a Plan to Deal with Heat and Medical Monitoring During Warmer Months

Anyone who works for a company or business outdoors needs to be aware of what to do in times of severe heat or when medical conditions arise on the job. New employees need to be watched the most while they acclimate to the temperatures. It is important to note that the most heat-related deaths for workers happen within the first three days of the job while the person acclimates to the heat. Therefore, other employees need to know what to do in order to mentor other workers and keep an eye on them for the sake of their own health. Knowing the plans to go about doing when something happens can actually save a life.

Take Care of Teeth

In most cases, people who work outdoors end up drinking a lot of drinks that replenish electrolytes. These drinks can be damaging to people’s teeth over time, just like with any other sugary drink on the market. These drinks can also stain the teeth and workers end up with an unsightly yellow hue to their teeth. An easy way to keep up with whitening them while on the job is  whitening strips. They can easily be worn and discarded at work and you’ll hardly notice they are there but you’re teeth will become whiter over time.

Encourage Water over Other Drinks

As stated previously, a lot of people who work out doors rely on drinks that have a great deal of electrolytes in them to balance out what they lose in the heat. However, one crucial drink that a lot of people take for granted is water. One cup of water needs to be consumed every 15 to 20 minutes to avoid dehydration. This statement is especially true during prolonged periods of sweating.

Know When to Rest

One of the most essential things to understand about working outdoors is a person knowing their limits. If they do not push themselves beyond what they physically can do, then they are more likely to take better care of themselves and avoid accidents and injury. This statement is especially true regarding dehydration. If the body is start to break down from overwork without liquids being replenished, and then a person can become ill. Therefore, resting from time to time allows the body to reabsorb some fluids while pushing out toxins that might build up in the body.

Wear the Right Clothes


Knowing which clothes to wear when working outdoors is essential to survive. First and foremost, people who work outdoors frequently need to be aware of the weather that is on the horizon. Being able to dress accordingly for the weather is essential to surviving outdoors. If the day is going to be hot and humid, then wearing bright colors that reflect the sun are the best option. Lighter fabrics are also a great idea to avoid overheating. Some fabrics exist that are air cooled or water cooled. Hats and ice-packet vests are also a great idea to keeping the body from overheating outdoors.

Know the Signs of Illness

One of the most essential things to be aware of is the symptoms of heat illness. People who work outdoors need to know this information for themselves and for others. Looking for things like dizziness and headaches are only the beginning. Cramps, nausea, and vomiting are some of the more serious signs. These three traits can be followed by weakness and a high heart rate. Some sort of action needs to be taken at this time to avoid heat stroke. People who experience heat strokes can have skin that is red and hot, they can experience convulsions, or they can faint. Something needs to be done to take these people to emergency services before these more serious symptoms happen.


There are many ways to stay healthy while working outside. Keeping an eye on signs for heat stroke and dehydration are some of the best ways to survive.

Outdoor Gear Security Personnel Should Consider

When we think of security guards, we often picture banks, government offices, and other facilities that need special protection. However, there are those who must face the great outdoors to serve their duty of keeping both people and the environment safe. From bodyguards to fireman and more, there are thousands of professionals who just never know where they may end up working for the day. In order to ensure you’re prepared to face what the day has to offer, there are a few pieces of outdoor gear well worth having in your arsenal.

A Quality Knife


In the event you find yourself in a situation where you’re battling the outdoor elements, a knife is essential. This is because there are so many ways you can put it to good use. Best of all, if you find yourself in a situation where your survival is in danger, knives are versatile tools that can prove helpful for a number of tasks including:

  • Cutting rope
  • Opening cumbersome packages
  • Creating other tools and weapons
  • Building emergency shelters
  • Cutting bandages in the event you or someone you’re protecting become wounded

Air Mattress

Security personnel can sometimes find themselves in a situation where they must set up post outdoors, especially if they are in the business of protecting celebrities or other people of fame or notoriety. You can think of it as more of a camping trip when you come prepared with a modern air mattress with special accommodations for comfort and rest.

Whether you are switching wake/sleep shifts with another security guard or just need a comfortable place to assume your post, there are many products now on the market, allowing you to find the best air mattresses for camping to meet your individual needs.


Rope can be an easy element to overlook, but it can also prove to be your best friend if you find yourself facing difficult elements in the outdoors. Smaller cord can be used for traps to obtain food, and you can get a tight hold with other rope diameters depending on the need. Just a few other tasks you can accomplish when you’re properly armed with an adequate supply of rope include:

  • Tent maintenance and repair
  • Climbing
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Lifting food to keep it out of reach of wildlife
  • Creating splints for injuries
  • Building of emergency shelter

Filtered Water Bottle

It’s estimated by Dieticians of Canada that the average water needs of adults are as follows:

  • 3 L (12 cups) for men 19 years old and over each day
  • 2.2 L (9 cups) for women 19 years old and over each day.

This may seem like a lot, but this what you need for proper maintenance. Not to mention, if you’re outdoors, water intake needs can even become higher. That’s why it’s crucial that you have easy access to hydration.

While taking along bottled water seems like a good idea, there’s one that offers even more. A filtered water bottle system can prove to be the gift that keeps giving as you can continue to refill your bottle and increase your overall survival odds in the event you find yourself in an unexpected circumstance. Best of all, there are dozens of high-tech products currently on the market that can filter a surprising number of contaminates from your water.

An Exciting Career You Can Enjoy

Security is an often overlooked profession, yet we all rely on it for the safety of ourselves and the ones we love the most. However, it isn’t a job without danger. When you find yourself working in the outdoors, there are a number of things that can and do go wrong. However, by thinking ahead, you can be better prepared for whatever Mother Nature may decide to throw your way.

Trendy New Products in Security Guard Gear You Should Consider

Security guards are crucial to the safety and well-being of any organization, and it’s no wonder why, according to the United States Bureau of Statistics, more than one million brave men and women are employed in this industry across the country.

Whether you are just starting a career monitoring the activity at spectator sports events or have long served as a bouncer at a busy bar, it’s important to understand that, in an instant, you can find yourself facing a life or death situation, and it’s up to you not only to keep yourself alive, but also defend the lives of those around you. There is some trendy new gear you should consider to achieve just that.

Dangers of the Road

If you patrol the streets, you can quickly find yourself in a position that requires you to go well above and beyond the posted speed limit. As scary as this can be, it can easily become a necessity while in pursuit of a suspect. Officers who are at a much higher risk of sustaining injury or death on the road are those who use motorcycles. These vehicles offer a higher level of maneuverability, but they also offer much less stability in the event of a crash.

The good news is that there are a variety of new products on the market when it comes to helmets. Depending on the unique nature of your work, only you know what features would offer you the most benefit, and you’d do yourself a favor to take a look at motorcycle helmet comparisons to ensure you find just the one to meet your needs.

Hidden Cameras

As a security officer, it’s not only your job to catch bad guys, but you also must be easily able to provide reliable evidence so justice can be served. In our day and age, this is easier than ever to achieve. There are a number of types of hidden cameras from which you can choose, and you can place them discreetly around your work setting. When something does go wrong, you can provide indisputable evidence to support your claims. Just a few unique products on the market worth considering include:

  • Clock cameras
  • Hidden spy cameras in glasses
  • Mini thumb DVR cameras

Proper Medical Equipment

While you hope you’ll never have to use it, having the proper medical equipment readily available is crucial for any type of security officer. Especially if you’ve never had to use medical equipment, now’s the time to either create the appropriate arsenal or analyze what you already have on hand. Even the most seemingly insignificant measures can mean the difference between life and death, and just a few things to consider adding to your medical equipment include:

  • Complete first aid kit
  • CPR mask
  • Decontamination towelettes
  • Ice packs

Making the World a Safer Place

The combined efforts of security officers around the world make us all feel more at-ease, and the work done by these courageous individuals is often overlooked. If you’re one of the proud that puts their life on the line to make the world a safer place, you can go home at the end of the day feeling like you made a real difference in the lives of hundreds or even thousands.

However, the dangers are real. In fact, in the mall industry alone, an estimated 80 assaults on security guard officers are reported each year. Facing danger is a part of the job, but you can decrease your chances of becoming a grim statistic when you take the time to prepare with the right gear.

Tips For Security Officers to Find the Best Rifle Scope

People put a lot of faith in security officers, and they are counting on you to provide them with the peace-of-mind they deserve. However, in order to truly offer maximum security, it’s important that you’re armed with the proper equipment.

It’s estimated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services that the average shopping facility or mall has 50 to 110 reports of assault on a security guard per year, and this doesn’t even include assaults on officers manning other types of facilities. It’s clear to see that there are serious occupational risks in the security business, and you owe it to yourself and everyone you are there to protect to be armed with the best rifle scope to increase your chances of surviving a stand off.

Use Resources at Your Disposal

Since the advent of the Internet, the human race has built up quite the database of information, and you can certainly use this to your advantage as you shop for the best rifle scope to meet your specific needs. Online, you can access reviews provided by real customers sharing their honest experiences with certain products, and there’s a lot that can be learned.

Before making a final decision or as you shop, make sure to check out reviews to see if there are any problems that you could find difficult to live with. The investment in a rifle scope is a significant one, and you can access valuable information to ensure you make the best decision.

Consider the Optical Power

Rifle scopes are not “one size fits all” tools. Each is designed with its own qualities that make it the right option for particular buyers. In the security business, it’s important that you have maximum protection, and the range at which you’re able to see can be a matter of life and death.

It can be confusing to determine what magnification level will be best for your specific needs, but the following guide serves as a reliable rule of thumb:

  • Magnifications of 4X to 6X allow for expedient offhand and distance shooting.
  • Scopes less than 10X are best suited for distances of less than 500 yards.
  • Scopes more than 10X are best suited firearms to be fired in a supported position.
  • Scopes more than 16X allow for more accurate target resolution.

More in-depth information regarding the optical power of a rifle scope can be found on Lucky Gunner’s Lounge’s website.

Understanding Lens Size

Let’s face it. Not everyone in the security business understands all the specifications on the technological equipment they use, and this can make it difficult to ensure you end up with the rifle scope that’s best suited to meet your needs. Once you have determined the proper magnification necessary for your job functions, you then need to decide on the best lens size. Once again, we’ve cleared up some of the confusion by offering the following helpful guide:

  • Larger objective lens:
    • Better brightness and clarity
    • Must be mounted over the barrel
  • Smaller objective lens:
    • Smaller, lightweight and easier to damage

A Walk Through Focal Plane

Technology is constantly changing, and we now have even more exciting new options than ever before. One of these advancements is the ability to choose between two different reticle positions within the scope. If the scope you’re considering uses SFP reticles, this option uses what the majority of other products do. The SFP reticles remain the same size in relation to the overall image size when the scope is changed.

There are now, however, first focal plane reticles available, and they allow the size of the reticle to scale up and down as the reticle changes. This means, regardless of what magnification your scope is set on, accuracy can easily be achieved. If you are considering the purchase of a scope featuring FFP technology, it’s worth noting that this option is best suited for firing long range. This is because low-level magnifications can be quite difficult to make out clearly.

Protect and Serve

You’re in the business of providing a service the public relies on for their safety and security, and it’s important that you’re able to take swift, appropriate action when dangerous situations present themselves. By taking the time to review and research the best rifle scope to enable you to perform your job duties, you’re taking the first step toward not only protecting others, but also yourself.

How Effective is Bear Spray?

Bear spray is a very common and highly effective answer to the risk of attack in natural bear habitats. It is a variety of pepper spray that uses capsaicin, which is the chemical that creates spice in a peer, as an irritant to deter and repel bears in case of attack.

Bear spray is a relatively recent invention, only coming to market in the late 80s. Its popularity is a testament to its utility, but the research backs it up – every study to date has found an incredible success rate for the product when put to the test against real bears. A study done in 2008 titled, “Efficacy of Bear Deterrent Spray in Alaska” found that the spray was totally effective 90 percent of the time against black bears, 92 percent of the time against brown bears, and 100 percent of the time against polar bears. It was also found that 98 percent of people carrying bear spray were uninjured by the bears in close-range encounters.

Chris Servheen, coordinator for the Grizzly Bear Recovery Program says, “I’d rate the effectiveness of bear spray at a 10 out of 10. I carry it myself.” While he doesn’t state his bear spray of choice, there are lots of options available for anyone looking to carry bear repellent. There are a few things worth looking into when choosing a spray. It is important to have a strong enough spray with at least a 0.857 percent concentration of the chemical capsaicin, and should have a label designating it a bear repellent spray and not a personal defense spray like ordinary pepper spray. It should spray in a cone shape and form a cloud, and should have enough to spray for at least 8 straight seconds. It should also have a range of at least 16 feet, or 5 meters.

This product works by spraying capsaicin into the air, where it spreads into a cloud that a bear would then need to make its way through before reaching you. The capsaicin irritates the mucus membrane of the animal, causing them to swell and leaving the bear temporarily without sight and with irritation as it breathes. This makes it highly effective as the response of nearly all bears upon encountering this is to retreat and wait for relief, giving you time to get away as while it is preoccupied.

If you are travelling in a bear’s habitat it is imprint to be aware since most bears don’t attack unless you interfere with their young, find yourself around their food supply, or startle them. However, always make sure to have your bear spray on you and easily accessible, just in case. It is preferable to carry in in a holster on your belt or backpack, like the spray found here.

If you do need to use the spray, merely remove the safely clip, aim it toward the bear, and press the trigger in short 2 to 3 second bursts. It is best to begin while the bear is still a good distance from you (around 30 feet) allowing the spray to disperse and form a cloud. If the bear is close by, simply aim for its face. Once the bear has been effected leave as quickly as possible without running. If you are about to travel to any area where bears are common be sure to look over the information outlined by the National Park Service. They can be found on the Yellowstone Park website at It includes general tips for use and step-by-step directions for using the spray.

The main protection alternative to bear repellent spray is a firearm, but they are significantly less reliable and more dangerous – for both the human and the bear. It may seem intuitively like guns would provide much better protection, but in reality they are much less effective and a much higher risk. People who raise a gun to a bear have a 56 percent chance of injury, while the bear has a 61 percent chance of being killed. So while using a bear spray will nearly guarantee the life of yourself and the bear, reliance on a gun gives you over a 50 percent chance of injury, and used successfully ensures the death of the bear. Additionally, once a bear has actually attacked a human the park must slate the bear for “destruction,” even if it originally survives.

For all of its benefits, there are not a lot of downsides to carrying bear repellent spray. It is small, light, and easily portable. It is inexpensive and easy to use. And, most importantly, it is effective.

You do, however, need to be aware of your surroundings and the weather conditions when you are in an area you may suspect the need to use bear spray. It is possible for the wind to interfere with the spray’s accuracy and blow the irritant back into your face. If this happens the proper procedure (once you are safe) is to wash yourself and any contaminated clothing or items with cold water, and be sure to remove any contact lenses. Also make sure to only use the spray in case of an actual bear attack. It does not work as a preventative manner like an insect repellent would. In fact, the lingering scent of the spray can actually attract bears. The spray is also highly pressurized and flammable, so be sure to never let it become punctured and keep it away from intense heat or flame.

While bear attack is not overly common, the health risk is substantial enough that it is important to be aware and protected in bear habitats. There are a variety of bear repellents available on the market but by and far the most-studied and most effective solution found is bear repellent spray. Its effectiveness and convenience makes it a logical choice for any outdoorsman.

Having the Right Security Equipment

Both the wilderness and the streets of major cities can be quite dangerous and having the proper security equipment near at hand can be crucial and even life saving. And while there are plenty of tools and devices one can think of when it comes to personal security, there are some that are essential, and everyone should consider getting, whether they use the public transport for commuting, or they go in the wilderness for fishing, hiking or hunting. It always pays to be prepared and have what you need, so below you will find probably the most essential security gear one can think have.

Pepper Sprays

Pepper sprays are amongst the most popular and wide spread personal protection devices out there. Whether you are a man or a woman, a pepper spray can ensure your safety and can even save your life both in the city and the wilderness. Their effectiveness varies, depending on the manufacturer, the quality, and constituents, as well as the range they is being used. Sprays are usually most effective when your target is within 10 feet. That being said, no one can be always prepared, and situations can often be surprising but having a pepper spray in your pocket or bag is always helpful.

Stun Guns

Stun guns, also known as tasers, are amongst the most effective weapons for self-defense out there. They are really affordable and quite compact so carrying one around no matter where you are is discreet and easy. Stun guns come in all shapes and sizes and can look like a flashlight, a TV remote control or even a walking cane. The great thing about them is that they fit in your pocket or bag and you can have a stun gun at your disposal even when strolling through the streets, and no one will even know. With just an ordinary 9V battery this device is capable of producing up to 1 million volts, so it is safe to say that it is one of the most invaluable addition to your security equipment.

Enough Storage Space

Whether you have a pepper spray or a stun gun, you can’t hold it in your hand all the time. That is why it is important to have the right tactical utility belt with pouches, cargo vest or pants. These are not quite appropriate to wear in your everyday life traveling through the city, but can be invaluable in the wilderness and the great outdoors. The numerous pockets and pouches will ensure you have all the security equipment right where you want it and easily reachable. This will help you react as quickly as possible.

A Quick List of all Gear that a Security Person Should Probably Have

When you’re planning to put up a business that concerns security personnel, then it’s important that you know the different security gears that your employee must have. These gears will help them do their duty easily and will help them if there are any unwanted troubles or accidents.

We all know that the job of a security guard can be very tough. You’re the first in line when there’s trouble, and you would need to protect everyone and everything in your area, sometimes this includes this includes staying on guard outside your territory.

For a security guard to do their job well, a complete security gear is important. Here’s a quick list of all the things that a security guard will need while they are on their duty:

  1. Clothing: A security guard’s clothing is very important to ensure that the people will know that he’s in charge of their security. It should be perfectly visible and has a bullet proof vest that will protect him from any shrapnel or bullets. Plus, guards will be always standing so having a good pair of boots that are comfortable will be a great addition.

  1. Flashlight: One of the most important things that a security guard must have is a flashlight, especially when they are on a night shift. A security flashlight can become very useful when they are after somebody in a dark and secluded area.

  1. Defense Equipment: Of course, a security guard would need something to defend themselves and the people they would need to protect. These defend equipment would usually be batons, pepper sprays, and guns.


  1. Radio: Whether you’re thinking about a two-way radio or one with the newest technologies, a radio is very important to security guards especially when they’re working as a group in an event or just a regular day.


  1. Belt –You’ll never see a security guard with no belt. Their belts would usually hold a simple first aid kit, extra bullets, etc. This security belt helps organize the daily activities that a guard must do.


  1. Notepad and Pen: It’s important for a security guard to always have a notepad and pen so that they can record their day-to-day activities and inspections. This will usually show what a security guard notices in the recent tour that he has made and compare with the other ones.

A complete set of security gear is important for any security officer. This will not only help them do their job easily, but this can also make the difference between life and death.

The Top 6 Tactical, Police and Security Jackets

People often think that clothes are nothing more but mere fabrics worn over the body – a necessity that society dictates is the right thing to do. Well, if one does not give much though and care about it, this is actually a decent reason as to why we wear clothes.

But of course, wearing clothes is more than just about fabric over our body. It is also more than just about fashion or brands or looking good. Beyond all these other factors, clothes were made to protect the human body.

It is not the clothes that we need, but the protection that we get out of it. Protection from dirt, cold weathers, hot weathers, bruises, skin problems, and so much more.

This is also the reason why there are different kinds of fabrics and clothes available in the market – because we need a different kind of clothing for the different weathers, days, routines, and situations we tackle on a daily basis. When it is hot, we opt for loose clothes that can help us battle the heat. When we are headed for the office, we wear comfortable, formal office clothes that help exude an aura of professionalism. When we go have to do mobile work, we go for clothes that can help us move with ease but will still be able to give us protection from possible injuries.

A significant type of clothing that is a must have for everyone are jackets. These are outdoor wears that basically help protect the wearer against the cold weather. However, for those in the line of protection service – Tactical supports, Policemen, and Security officials – jackets serve a lot more than just giving warmth.

Security personnel usually do a very important job of securing valuable property. As a result, you have to ensure that they are using the right gear, ranging from security jackets all the way to the appropriate communication tools. However, since there are some many security clothes available, it is easy to get confused. Here are some of the top jackets for your security team to help you get started.

Our Picks for the Best Tactical Jackets


  • 100% Polyester fleece
  • bar tacking at all major stress points
  • Integrated zipper garages
  • Welded reinforcements at shoulders and elbows


  • Casual, covert design
  • Covert lumbar pocket at rear
  • Dual hand warmer pockets
  • Elastic hem and sleeve cuffs
  • Pass-through access in both hand warmer pockets
  • Secure zip chest pocket

When we talk about “tactical,” we do not just refer to an image of combat and obvious military stance. Sometimes, being tactical lies in the ability of someone or something to be able to blend with the environment, while still being able to provide easy access to battle equipment with ease and efficiency.

This is exactly what the 5.11 Tactical Full Zip Jacket offers – the ability to function as your ultimate tactical jacket, while remaining fashionable and comfortable; perfect for covert operations and can be worn off duty without exuding a military/spy vibe that tends to scare of regular bystanders.

Available in the colors “Gun Powder” and “Field Green,” this jacket is perfect for those who wish to go on a mission undetected. It has an elasticized binding around the waist and sleeves, that, when paired with its compressed fit, allows the users to move freely without having the fear of losing the fit and getting uncomfortable.

What makes this even greater as a tactical jacket is its ability to inconspicuously hide gears effortlessly.  It has hand warmers, the entryway of which are on both sides of the jacket, yet it meets towards the center of the jacket, providing comfort, as well as access to the panels I the bottom layer of the jacket, where gears or even documents can be inserted before start of operations.

In addition, the jacket has a lumbar pocket, perfect for storing gears that will need to be accessed quickly. The jacket also has welded patches in the elbows and shoulders that are more durable and resilient, providing extra support against physical encounters.

Designed as a complete all-weather security jacket, the 5.11 jacket comes with zip-off sleeves and a fleece liner, which offer five unique jacket configurations for total adaptability in different climates. There are several hidden pockets when you can keep documents, zippered hand-warming pockets as well as mic clips carefully placed near the shoulder to properly secure your communication radio cords. An elasticized waist guarantees a better fit while it keeps out cold and rain. The zippers in the side seam offer fast access to your sidearm and provide extra ventilation when the weather gets hotter.


  • Bi-swing back
  • Breathable polyester liner
  • Elasticized hem
  • High performance nylon shell
  • Hook and loop storm cuffs
  • Ike length


  • 11 Hidden Document Pockets
  • Adaptable weather protection
  • Badge tab kit included
  • Hidden hand warmer pockets
  • TacTec System front pockets
  • Underarm zippers for ventilation
  • Zip-out quilted liner

5.11 is a brand that is known worldwide for its quality outdoor wear – jackets, shoes, bags, etc. The brand has been showing innovative powers in transforming ordinary clothes into smart yet fashionable wears, and its 5.11 Double Duty Jacket is no exemption to this tactical innovation.

Available in Black and Dark Navy, this tactical jacket is made out of fleece –  an insulating fabric made out of polyester, specifically, polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This may be familiar to others as “Polar Wool,” “Vega Wool,” or “Velo Wools.” No matter what it is called or known for, one thing it is extremely helpful with, is its ability to provide incredible comfortable and better warmth than most materials, making the jacket a great means for officers to stay in great condition no matter the situation. It also adds to the durability of the jacket.

In addition, this double duty jacket is designed with numerous and easy access ways to gears like phones, documents, and even side arms, as it is equipped with hidden panels and more.

Water and wind repellent security jackets offer significant benefits to security personnel, and that is exactly what you are getting with the 5.11 Double Duty jacket. The outer shell is going to keep you comfortably dry while the liner keeps you warm even if you are working outside on a cold night. Document pockets are also included in this model for storing extra paperwork or other items. The jacket even comes with a convenient bi-swing back support to enable you have better range of motion.

Our Highly Rated Police Jackets


  • 100-Percent Polyester
  • Full zipper
  • Imprint – Police.
  • Size – Large -(chest-27 in.),(length-30 in.),(shoulder to shoulder-24 in.).
  • Color – Black.
  • Dimension – 10 x 7 x 3 in.
  • Item Weight – 0.7 lbs.

In Movies, we always see the police use windbreaker jackets. One might think that this is just how movies depict police officers. However, for those who have first-hand encounters with police raids and other dangerous missions, they do indeed almost always sport their windbreaker jackets.

These windbreakers are usually in

black or dark blue, and it bears the logo of the agency the police belongs to (FBI, NYPD, DEA, CSI), or sometimes just the badge of the agency. However, one thing common is the big and bold “POLICE” that is written on them, clearly stating that they are members of law enforcement.

It is important for police officers to be wearing a windbreaker, especially during raids, so that the jacket can easily conceal the vest and armor. This is also important as a means for other agencies to be able to identify which of them are involved and has the warrant service. Not wearing the identified windbreakers sometimes results to a “friendly misfire” between cops from different agencies.

This windbreaker jacket from Rapid Dominance is made out of 100 percent Polyester, and can be fully-zipped, with two side pockets, perfect for easy access to gears and documents that might come handy when faced in a raid situation. No Police officer should set for duty without securing their own windbreaker jacket so, dear officer, order your jacket now.


  • Brand: Rothco
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Color: Black, Navy Blue, Khaki, Olive Drab
  • Material Specs: 100% washed cotton outer, polyester lining
  • Closures and Fasteners: Zipper

A Concealed Carry Jacket is another essential jacket for police officials, especially those going into dangerous situations but will need to keep their cover or will need a jacket that can hide dangerous gears from the public eye.

This jacket is also a great source of warmth during those missions on cold nights from fall season to spring season. The shell of the jacket is made out of 100 percent Cotton, while the inside lining is made out of 100 percent Polyester.

As mentioned, this is not just your ordinary casual police jacket. It comes with a tactical benefit – two inner pockets that is created to effectively conceal gears and documents. The pockets are found on both sides and can be locked using a hook and loop closure. What’s more is that it also has four inner pockets for extra gun magazines clips. If those tactical features are not enough, it also has a tricot lined front zipper pocket, the option to close the wrists with a button clolsure, and adjustment features on the waist.

Those who own this jacket find it a great buy because of its features and perfect weight. It is available in the colors black, Navy Blue, Khaki and Olive Drab and can also be placed with a company/agency logo.

Our Recommended Security Jackets


  • 100% Nylon
  • 100% Nylon Outer Shell
  • 100% Cotton Lining
  • Water Repellant
  • Security I.D. on front and back
  • Reinforced slash pockets
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Drawstring waist
  • One inside pocket
  • Extended length to guard hips

There are different kinds of jackets, and a windbreaker is one of them. A windbreaker is a thinner version of a jacket that is specifically created to protect user against wind chills and light rain.

Being made out of nylon, which is a lighter type of synthetic fabric, the Nylon Security Jacket is perfect for security officers, and especially to those assigned the graveyard shift. The jacket has an elastic waistband and an armband, and it uses zippers as the closure, making it easy to maneuver and adjust, depending on the temperature of the night.

The jacket also has large inside and outside pockets, making it possible for covering important gears and belongings while on duty. These gears will also be protected from the rain because this is exactly the primary purpose of such a jacket.

In fact, sometimes, regular coats and jackets will incorporate an inner nylon windbreaker lining, just so it would also have the same benefit as a full nylon jacket would give. This shows that owning a nylon jacket will be really important, not just for security, but for everyone. A staple jacket, if you will.

Some security details have the option to incorporate a reflective color on the jackets for greater safety especially during the night. But, this version available now will have the reflective print of the word “SECURITY” on it, so that people can identify the user as a member of the security team.

For this Nylon Windbreaker, it is a soft shell tactical gear made using a breathable fabric, but still has waterproof capabilities thanks to its polyester shell. It has a 3-layer design that makes it comfortable to use in cold weather as it deflects wind and helps to retain body heat. The other notable feature of this tactical jacket is that it is lined with a stand-up collar along with a concealed hood for use when it rains. The Special Ops jacket from Rothco has been specifically designed for security professionals with the word “security” being clearly printed on both the back and front left chest.


  • 100% nylon lining with polyester filler
  • 2” wide inside storage pockets hold equipment & accessories.
  • Hook & Loop flaps conceal original YKK zipper for a clean frontal appearance..
  • The cuffs and waistband has knits help the jacket retain shape and form despite movement
  • Scalloped pockets include concealed hand-warmers & Hook & Loop closures.
  • With permanent copious faux fur collar; Windproof & insulated
  • Available in various colors

Working as Security officials, whether in public or private places, is not an easy job. Part of the job is risking one’s life.

This is why it is important that they are geared for whatever situation may arise, and this 100 percent Nylon Watch-Guard jacket is a highly recommended jacket for them.

This jacket is lightweight, thus ensuring that no matter the movement, it will not hinder the mobility of security officers. It has tough linings that assure users of its durability, as well as an effective insulation that keeps the wearer warm amidst late night shifts and stormy weather duties. To achieve this, the jacket is designed out of 100 percent polyester fiberfill cushions, with nylon as the inner lining – perfect combination to get that comfort jacket without sacrificing insulation purposes.

The Nylon covering also ensures that no matter the movement, the jacket will be able to retain its shape. It is also a great synthetic fabric against water and wind disruptions, and is also a material that provides scratch-proof protection.

To complete the ensemble, this jacket has a copious faux fur collar, so that the jacket would not only provide body protection, but also warmth in the neck areas, which is a soft spot of the human body during cold conditions. The jacket is given a neat outside look through the Velcro snap cover on top of the zipper locks; doubling the protection as well.

Of course, the hands should not be left out, and this jacket is perfect, as the clothing inside the front side pockets also works as hand warmers. These pockets too have Velco flaps for a neat tuck when not in use.

Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment Review

This Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review provides detail about this law enforcement modular tactical equipment system. It has been designed for use in the law enforcement sector, particularly for sport and security enthusiasts, as well as military personnel. This complete set comes with all the holsters and pouches required by most tactical teams.

Other Features of the Black Law Enforcement Model

This Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review also explains the details of this unit. For one, it comes equipped with an adjustable law enforcement duty belt that has belt keepers, quick release buckle, as well dual magazine pouches, that are complete with vertical/horizontal secure systems. This model also features a cell phone/pager/gloves case, pepper spray/chemical agent spray case, key holder, handcuff case, universal radio case, flashlight case, expandable baton case, as well as a completely adjustable duty holster that comes with an extra mag pouch. It also has a quick attachment with full adjustability and complete lacking. At the same time, the belt may easily be adjusted from 35 inches to 54 inches.

Several customers have already purchased this model in various retail sites online. Most of them reported things that are positive with this product. For instance, some say that they are happy with the overall delivery of the unit. Despite the fact that some of the pouches included with the belt may be too small, or may not suit the needs of the users, they are generally of high quality. The overall quality and durability of this unit is high, making it an industrial grade product. While you may expect to see some issues with some pouches being deformed, they can be easily adjusted back to its condition after delivery.

Good Price Point

At the same time, one Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review also said that this unit is available at a good price point. It is decent enough to provide you everything that you need. You may even be able to customize the use of this system. There are enough number of pouches included, which means that you can have everything that you may need right there on your belt. You can also be able to remove about everything so that you can those positions that you are already familiar with. Another good thing about this unit is that, despite the affordable price point, they do not feel like they will rip apart soon. Things are secure, and everything is stiff.

Overall, the belt in itself is already solid in construction. Therefore, you do not have to worry about things falling off your belt. Even though you may not be able to see belt keepers, it has the capability to hold everything right in place. It works fairly for those in the service, as well as those who need it for personal reasons.


Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe Review

If you usually work for long hours while standing on your feet, you can testify to just how tiring and painful it can be over time. Wearing the right work shoes is necessary to ensure you not only work comfortably but also avoid any painful episodes after work. Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe is designed to absorb and rebound energy where necessary to ensure that you have an easy time walking throughout your shift.

Read our Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe review to learn more about it and what you can expect during use.


The Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe comes with a highly protective and functional design. It features a waterproof shaft and highly comfortable insole and a high-quality rubber outsole. If its comfort and protection you need, this is exactly the shoe for you. The upper part is made of extra durable leather and lined with a waterproof nylon mesh. The bottom is designed to be anti-slip on a variety of surfaces and substances workers encounter. Additionally, it is resistant to oil, water, metal chips, heat, chemicals, and abrasives.


As you can see, this shoe is designed to provide workers with all the protection they need when it comes to their feet. The six-inch high shaft on this shoe is designed using high-quality durable and waterproof leather. As previously mentioned, the outsole is designed using high-quality rubber capable of serving you diligently even with repeated use in the most demanding conditions. The boosts are free of any metallic parts.


The Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe is designed to ensure that you make it through the most demanding working days comfortably. It comes with top of the range insole design meant to relieve the pressure off the heels as well as provide great rebound when walking. It comes with a removable insole with EVA cushion insert and adiPRENE rebounding toe pads and shock absorbing heels.

There is also a directly attached midsole section and rubber traction bottom also featuring AdiPRENE technology by Adidas.


When shopping for a work boot, it is important that you find the right shoe offering value and most importantly comfort and protection. The high-quality materials used ensure that you are protected from common workplace dangers in every way possible. The shoes are known to be easy to break in, and as such, provide comfortable use almost right out of the box.

Finally, in our Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe review we will state that the only con is the fact that the long shaft makes lacing them a bit of a challenge.