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Electronic vs. Combination Gun Safe

It’s no doubt that guns pose safety hazards, and that’s why it’s so important for gun owners to do what they can to minimize these risks. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 32,351 deaths due to firearms, and 591 of these occurred due to accidental discharge.

When you invest in a gun safe, you can significantly lower your risk and help keep you and your family safe. However, as you shop around, you’ll quickly find that you have a number of options from which to choose. Before you can even narrow down your choices, you first must decide whether an electronic or combination gun safe will be best for your unique needs.

Understanding Mechanical Locks

A mechanical lock works using a spinning dial that moves in both directions and allows users to establish a three digit code that must be properly reached in the correct direction. Basically, this works just like the type of lock you likely had in high school to secure your locker. These types of gun locks typically come with a default combination, but it’s in your best interest to change this to a unique number you’ll remember for security reasons.

There are a number of benefits to choosing this option. For starters, you don’t have to worry about batteries running low when you need to access your firearm. They are also notably more durable than their electronic counterparts. However, a few downsides to take into consideration include:

  • Manual relocking is required each time you close the safe.
  • Can be easier for experienced burglars to get into mechanical safes.
  • A technician or locksmith is needed if you want to change the combination.
  • Can take a few minutes to open, which could be dangerous in the event you need to access your firearm in a hurry.

A Look at Electronic Gun Safes

If you’d like to take a more modern approach to firearm storage, electronic gun safes are another option. With these products, you simply enter your combination code into the keypad to gain access, an option that allows for quicker retrieval than mechanical locks. They also offer backlights on the keypad which allow for ease of use even in the dark. You can change your code on your own without help, and it’s highly difficult for anyone to gain access.

With so many exciting features, you may feel like you’ve already made up your mind. However, there are two sides to every coin. Before making a decision, you must consider some of the downsides to the electronic option including:

  • Power outages and other electrical failures cause the system to shut down.
  • For units without a alternate key option, you can only access the safe by drilling it open in the event you ever lost access.
  • Electronic circuits degrade over time, so lifespan is limited.

Help Available to Make Your Final Choice an Easier One to Make

Aside from the fact that you have the option of purchasing an electronic or combination gun safe, you then have to pick from the many products on the market. You have likely made a significant investment in your firearms, and you want to make sure they are kept safe. More importantly, you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

There is a valuable tool you should be sure to take advantage of before you make your final purchasing decision. Gun safe reviews like those found at are only a click away, and they can provide you with insider information on the very products you’re likely considering purchasing. Not only will they detail the benefits, but they also provide warnings of potential downsides that may cause you to keep exploring your options.

The Top 6 Tactical, Police and Security Jackets

People often think that clothes are nothing more but mere fabrics worn over the body – a necessity that society dictates is the right thing to do. Well, if one does not give much though and care about it, this is actually a decent reason as to why we wear clothes.

But of course, wearing clothes is more than just about fabric over our body. It is also more than just about fashion or brands or looking good. Beyond all these other factors, clothes were made to protect the human body.

It is not the clothes that we need, but the protection that we get out of it. Protection from dirt, cold weathers, hot weathers, bruises, skin problems, and so much more.

This is also the reason why there are different kinds of fabrics and clothes available in the market – because we need a different kind of clothing for the different weathers, days, routines, and situations we tackle on a daily basis. When it is hot, we opt for loose clothes that can help us battle the heat. When we are headed for the office, we wear comfortable, formal office clothes that help exude an aura of professionalism. When we go have to do mobile work, we go for clothes that can help us move with ease but will still be able to give us protection from possible injuries.

A significant type of clothing that is a must have for everyone are jackets. These are outdoor wears that basically help protect the wearer against the cold weather. However, for those in the line of protection service – Tactical supports, Policemen, and Security officials – jackets serve a lot more than just giving warmth.

Security personnel usually do a very important job of securing valuable property. As a result, you have to ensure that they are using the right gear, ranging from security jackets all the way to the appropriate communication tools. However, since there are some many security clothes available, it is easy to get confused. Here are some of the top jackets for your security team to help you get started.

Our Picks for the Best Tactical Jackets


  • 100% Polyester fleece
  • bar tacking at all major stress points
  • Integrated zipper garages
  • Welded reinforcements at shoulders and elbows


  • Casual, covert design
  • Covert lumbar pocket at rear
  • Dual hand warmer pockets
  • Elastic hem and sleeve cuffs
  • Pass-through access in both hand warmer pockets
  • Secure zip chest pocket

When we talk about “tactical,” we do not just refer to an image of combat and obvious military stance. Sometimes, being tactical lies in the ability of someone or something to be able to blend with the environment, while still being able to provide easy access to battle equipment with ease and efficiency.

This is exactly what the 5.11 Tactical Full Zip Jacket offers – the ability to function as your ultimate tactical jacket, while remaining fashionable and comfortable; perfect for covert operations and can be worn off duty without exuding a military/spy vibe that tends to scare of regular bystanders.

Available in the colors “Gun Powder” and “Field Green,” this jacket is perfect for those who wish to go on a mission undetected. It has an elasticized binding around the waist and sleeves, that, when paired with its compressed fit, allows the users to move freely without having the fear of losing the fit and getting uncomfortable.

What makes this even greater as a tactical jacket is its ability to inconspicuously hide gears effortlessly.  It has hand warmers, the entryway of which are on both sides of the jacket, yet it meets towards the center of the jacket, providing comfort, as well as access to the panels I the bottom layer of the jacket, where gears or even documents can be inserted before start of operations.

In addition, the jacket has a lumbar pocket, perfect for storing gears that will need to be accessed quickly. The jacket also has welded patches in the elbows and shoulders that are more durable and resilient, providing extra support against physical encounters.

Designed as a complete all-weather security jacket, the 5.11 jacket comes with zip-off sleeves and a fleece liner, which offer five unique jacket configurations for total adaptability in different climates. There are several hidden pockets when you can keep documents, zippered hand-warming pockets as well as mic clips carefully placed near the shoulder to properly secure your communication radio cords. An elasticized waist guarantees a better fit while it keeps out cold and rain. The zippers in the side seam offer fast access to your sidearm and provide extra ventilation when the weather gets hotter.


  • Bi-swing back
  • Breathable polyester liner
  • Elasticized hem
  • High performance nylon shell
  • Hook and loop storm cuffs
  • Ike length


  • 11 Hidden Document Pockets
  • Adaptable weather protection
  • Badge tab kit included
  • Hidden hand warmer pockets
  • TacTec System front pockets
  • Underarm zippers for ventilation
  • Zip-out quilted liner

5.11 is a brand that is known worldwide for its quality outdoor wear – jackets, shoes, bags, etc. The brand has been showing innovative powers in transforming ordinary clothes into smart yet fashionable wears, and its 5.11 Double Duty Jacket is no exemption to this tactical innovation.

Available in Black and Dark Navy, this tactical jacket is made out of fleece –  an insulating fabric made out of polyester, specifically, polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This may be familiar to others as “Polar Wool,” “Vega Wool,” or “Velo Wools.” No matter what it is called or known for, one thing it is extremely helpful with, is its ability to provide incredible comfortable and better warmth than most materials, making the jacket a great means for officers to stay in great condition no matter the situation. It also adds to the durability of the jacket.

In addition, this double duty jacket is designed with numerous and easy access ways to gears like phones, documents, and even side arms, as it is equipped with hidden panels and more.

Water and wind repellent security jackets offer significant benefits to security personnel, and that is exactly what you are getting with the 5.11 Double Duty jacket. The outer shell is going to keep you comfortably dry while the liner keeps you warm even if you are working outside on a cold night. Document pockets are also included in this model for storing extra paperwork or other items. The jacket even comes with a convenient bi-swing back support to enable you have better range of motion.

Our Highly Rated Police Jackets


  • 100-Percent Polyester
  • Full zipper
  • Imprint – Police.
  • Size – Large -(chest-27 in.),(length-30 in.),(shoulder to shoulder-24 in.).
  • Color – Black.
  • Dimension – 10 x 7 x 3 in.
  • Item Weight – 0.7 lbs.

In Movies, we always see the police use windbreaker jackets. One might think that this is just how movies depict police officers. However, for those who have first-hand encounters with police raids and other dangerous missions, they do indeed almost always sport their windbreaker jackets.

These windbreakers are usually in

black or dark blue, and it bears the logo of the agency the police belongs to (FBI, NYPD, DEA, CSI), or sometimes just the badge of the agency. However, one thing common is the big and bold “POLICE” that is written on them, clearly stating that they are members of law enforcement.

It is important for police officers to be wearing a windbreaker, especially during raids, so that the jacket can easily conceal the vest and armor. This is also important as a means for other agencies to be able to identify which of them are involved and has the warrant service. Not wearing the identified windbreakers sometimes results to a “friendly misfire” between cops from different agencies.

This windbreaker jacket from Rapid Dominance is made out of 100 percent Polyester, and can be fully-zipped, with two side pockets, perfect for easy access to gears and documents that might come handy when faced in a raid situation. No Police officer should set for duty without securing their own windbreaker jacket so, dear officer, order your jacket now.


  • Brand: Rothco
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Color: Black, Navy Blue, Khaki, Olive Drab
  • Material Specs: 100% washed cotton outer, polyester lining
  • Closures and Fasteners: Zipper

A Concealed Carry Jacket is another essential jacket for police officials, especially those going into dangerous situations but will need to keep their cover or will need a jacket that can hide dangerous gears from the public eye.

This jacket is also a great source of warmth during those missions on cold nights from fall season to spring season. The shell of the jacket is made out of 100 percent Cotton, while the inside lining is made out of 100 percent Polyester.

As mentioned, this is not just your ordinary casual police jacket. It comes with a tactical benefit – two inner pockets that is created to effectively conceal gears and documents. The pockets are found on both sides and can be locked using a hook and loop closure. What’s more is that it also has four inner pockets for extra gun magazines clips. If those tactical features are not enough, it also has a tricot lined front zipper pocket, the option to close the wrists with a button clolsure, and adjustment features on the waist.

Those who own this jacket find it a great buy because of its features and perfect weight. It is available in the colors black, Navy Blue, Khaki and Olive Drab and can also be placed with a company/agency logo.

Our Recommended Security Jackets


  • 100% Nylon
  • 100% Nylon Outer Shell
  • 100% Cotton Lining
  • Water Repellant
  • Security I.D. on front and back
  • Reinforced slash pockets
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Drawstring waist
  • One inside pocket
  • Extended length to guard hips

There are different kinds of jackets, and a windbreaker is one of them. A windbreaker is a thinner version of a jacket that is specifically created to protect user against wind chills and light rain.

Being made out of nylon, which is a lighter type of synthetic fabric, the Nylon Security Jacket is perfect for security officers, and especially to those assigned the graveyard shift. The jacket has an elastic waistband and an armband, and it uses zippers as the closure, making it easy to maneuver and adjust, depending on the temperature of the night.

The jacket also has large inside and outside pockets, making it possible for covering important gears and belongings while on duty. These gears will also be protected from the rain because this is exactly the primary purpose of such a jacket.

In fact, sometimes, regular coats and jackets will incorporate an inner nylon windbreaker lining, just so it would also have the same benefit as a full nylon jacket would give. This shows that owning a nylon jacket will be really important, not just for security, but for everyone. A staple jacket, if you will.

Some security details have the option to incorporate a reflective color on the jackets for greater safety especially during the night. But, this version available now will have the reflective print of the word “SECURITY” on it, so that people can identify the user as a member of the security team.

For this Nylon Windbreaker, it is a soft shell tactical gear made using a breathable fabric, but still has waterproof capabilities thanks to its polyester shell. It has a 3-layer design that makes it comfortable to use in cold weather as it deflects wind and helps to retain body heat. The other notable feature of this tactical jacket is that it is lined with a stand-up collar along with a concealed hood for use when it rains. The Special Ops jacket from Rothco has been specifically designed for security professionals with the word “security” being clearly printed on both the back and front left chest.


  • 100% nylon lining with polyester filler
  • 2” wide inside storage pockets hold equipment & accessories.
  • Hook & Loop flaps conceal original YKK zipper for a clean frontal appearance..
  • The cuffs and waistband has knits help the jacket retain shape and form despite movement
  • Scalloped pockets include concealed hand-warmers & Hook & Loop closures.
  • With permanent copious faux fur collar; Windproof & insulated
  • Available in various colors

Working as Security officials, whether in public or private places, is not an easy job. Part of the job is risking one’s life.

This is why it is important that they are geared for whatever situation may arise, and this 100 percent Nylon Watch-Guard jacket is a highly recommended jacket for them.

This jacket is lightweight, thus ensuring that no matter the movement, it will not hinder the mobility of security officers. It has tough linings that assure users of its durability, as well as an effective insulation that keeps the wearer warm amidst late night shifts and stormy weather duties. To achieve this, the jacket is designed out of 100 percent polyester fiberfill cushions, with nylon as the inner lining – perfect combination to get that comfort jacket without sacrificing insulation purposes.

The Nylon covering also ensures that no matter the movement, the jacket will be able to retain its shape. It is also a great synthetic fabric against water and wind disruptions, and is also a material that provides scratch-proof protection.

To complete the ensemble, this jacket has a copious faux fur collar, so that the jacket would not only provide body protection, but also warmth in the neck areas, which is a soft spot of the human body during cold conditions. The jacket is given a neat outside look through the Velcro snap cover on top of the zipper locks; doubling the protection as well.

Of course, the hands should not be left out, and this jacket is perfect, as the clothing inside the front side pockets also works as hand warmers. These pockets too have Velco flaps for a neat tuck when not in use.

Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment Review

This Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review provides detail about this law enforcement modular tactical equipment system. It has been designed for use in the law enforcement sector, particularly for sport and security enthusiasts, as well as military personnel. This complete set comes with all the holsters and pouches required by most tactical teams.

Other Features of the Black Law Enforcement Model

This Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review also explains the details of this unit. For one, it comes equipped with an adjustable law enforcement duty belt that has belt keepers, quick release buckle, as well dual magazine pouches, that are complete with vertical/horizontal secure systems. This model also features a cell phone/pager/gloves case, pepper spray/chemical agent spray case, key holder, handcuff case, universal radio case, flashlight case, expandable baton case, as well as a completely adjustable duty holster that comes with an extra mag pouch. It also has a quick attachment with full adjustability and complete lacking. At the same time, the belt may easily be adjusted from 35 inches to 54 inches.

Several customers have already purchased this model in various retail sites online. Most of them reported things that are positive with this product. For instance, some say that they are happy with the overall delivery of the unit. Despite the fact that some of the pouches included with the belt may be too small, or may not suit the needs of the users, they are generally of high quality. The overall quality and durability of this unit is high, making it an industrial grade product. While you may expect to see some issues with some pouches being deformed, they can be easily adjusted back to its condition after delivery.

Good Price Point

At the same time, one Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review also said that this unit is available at a good price point. It is decent enough to provide you everything that you need. You may even be able to customize the use of this system. There are enough number of pouches included, which means that you can have everything that you may need right there on your belt. You can also be able to remove about everything so that you can those positions that you are already familiar with. Another good thing about this unit is that, despite the affordable price point, they do not feel like they will rip apart soon. Things are secure, and everything is stiff.

Overall, the belt in itself is already solid in construction. Therefore, you do not have to worry about things falling off your belt. Even though you may not be able to see belt keepers, it has the capability to hold everything right in place. It works fairly for those in the service, as well as those who need it for personal reasons.


Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe Review

If you usually work for long hours while standing on your feet, you can testify to just how tiring and painful it can be over time. Wearing the right work shoes is necessary to ensure you not only work comfortably but also avoid any painful episodes after work. Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe is designed to absorb and rebound energy where necessary to ensure that you have an easy time walking throughout your shift.

Read our Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe review to learn more about it and what you can expect during use.


The Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe comes with a highly protective and functional design. It features a waterproof shaft and highly comfortable insole and a high-quality rubber outsole. If its comfort and protection you need, this is exactly the shoe for you. The upper part is made of extra durable leather and lined with a waterproof nylon mesh. The bottom is designed to be anti-slip on a variety of surfaces and substances workers encounter. Additionally, it is resistant to oil, water, metal chips, heat, chemicals, and abrasives.


As you can see, this shoe is designed to provide workers with all the protection they need when it comes to their feet. The six-inch high shaft on this shoe is designed using high-quality durable and waterproof leather. As previously mentioned, the outsole is designed using high-quality rubber capable of serving you diligently even with repeated use in the most demanding conditions. The boosts are free of any metallic parts.


The Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe is designed to ensure that you make it through the most demanding working days comfortably. It comes with top of the range insole design meant to relieve the pressure off the heels as well as provide great rebound when walking. It comes with a removable insole with EVA cushion insert and adiPRENE rebounding toe pads and shock absorbing heels.

There is also a directly attached midsole section and rubber traction bottom also featuring AdiPRENE technology by Adidas.


When shopping for a work boot, it is important that you find the right shoe offering value and most importantly comfort and protection. The high-quality materials used ensure that you are protected from common workplace dangers in every way possible. The shoes are known to be easy to break in, and as such, provide comfortable use almost right out of the box.

Finally, in our Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe review we will state that the only con is the fact that the long shaft makes lacing them a bit of a challenge.


Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range Review

Being out in the forest is something that a lot of people love. The calmness, the serenity and getting in touch with nature is certainly something that’s capable of bringing you great advantages, both physical and psychological. However, there are quite a few things that could harm you in the forest and bears are definitely one of those that you should be thoroughly and sincerely afraid off. These beasts are certainly capable of ripping you to pieces as they could do so with one or two swings of their heavy and powerful paws and sharp claws. However, if you, by any chance, happen to encounter a bear – there is one thing that’s not only going to help you out, but it’s going to repel the beast away and make it run in pain – the Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range.

A Potent Repellent

Having the right type of bear spray in the woods is an absolutely necessity. If you consider going out there, you should most certainly purchase a spray of the kind, especially if you are aware that the region that you intend to visit has a population of bears. While not every bear is going to attack unless you cause harm to her or her little cubs, there are situations in which you might find yourself without an option. You might have involuntarily triggered a reaction in the bear without even knowing it, and this might set off the attack. If that happens – a bear spray is the only thing that could effectively help you as even if you shoot the animal it’s unlikely to do the job on the first time, and you most certainly won’t have time for a second shot.

Wide Range Guaranteed

The Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range is capable of launching off a spray at a range of 30 feet. This means that the bear would be sprayed long before she is capable of reaching out to you. Furthermore, the spray guarantees the most powerful stopping potential amongst all other sprays on the market. It comes with a glow in the dark safety which is going to ensure that you can use it when it’s dark, and the range is ensured thanks to the heavy fog delivery system. It is proven, and it has been dully field tested. The unit also offers about a 3-year shelf life counted from the date of manufacture.


SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Review

The SABRE Red is a pepper spray manufactured by SABRE that possesses the highest strength.  It is consist of 10% of OC (oleoresin capsicum), which is the primary chemical used in most of pepper spray.  The amount of concentration used in SABRE Red is considerably higher and stronger as opposed to the common formula of pepper spray.  Another commendable factor about the development of the SABRE Red is that the manufacturer is in full control of the strength of the product.  The formula is also developed in-house and comprehensively tested.  This SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Review will guide you to the best feature as well as some of the drawback of the product.

 Strength Features

Despite of its compact size, the SABRE red has an impressive range of 10 feet.  The bear sprays that is around the size of this pepper spray can only achieve a maximum distance of 6 feet.  Those sprays with a short range are pretty risky.  Basically, the users of the pepper spray needs to stay away as far as they can when they are using the pepper spray.  A 10-ft range will actually provide you an ample time to react in case someone is planning to attack you.

Another laudable feature of this compact pepper spray is its capacity. In fact it has about a 25 shot capacity.  Other pepper spray that is abut he same size of the SABRE red pepper spray is limited to only 10 shot and can immediately be emptied in as short as 2 seconds of spray.  So in case that you will miss your target the first time you are using it,  you still have the opportunity to hit him with the spray for a multiple times.   It is additionally useful when there are multiple people that are charging you.

When it comes to the functionality, this pepper spray is very convenient to use.  A simple slide on the tab and you can immediately press the button and use it.  It also comes with a safety feature that prevents any accidental discharge; after all, no one wants to have a pocket filled with pepper spray.  There is also a key ring that provides a quick release.

When it comes to the price tag of the SABRE Red, according to most of SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Reviews, it is only around $10 for each canister.  The value is very worth it for the amount of protection that it offers to you.  The shelf life of the pepper spray is about 4 years which is significantly longer compared to the other pepper spray.

By analyzing this SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Review, one will immediately though that it is one of the best compact pepper sprays that is offered in the market.  The strength, range, and price will indeed provide the best value for your money.