Little Known Tricks to Reduce Your Chance of Auto Theft – LED Light Bars

Anyone who has been in the security business understands the high level of threat of car theft and damage. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, approximately 500,000 automobiles are stolen every year. It’s clear this is a danger in any parking lot or even private garage, and that’s why it’s important for security guards to minimize their workload by helping those they protect understand what they can do to reduce their risk.

Take Care of the Obvious

When you exit your vehicle, always take the keys with you and lock the door. It’s estimated that around half of cars stolen were unlocked with 13 percent conveniently making the keys to the ride readily available. Those who leave their keys in the car put themselves in a particularly difficult situation. Not only has their vehicle been unrightfully taken away, but they also face the strong possibility that their insurance won’t help them due to their own negligence.

Install LED Light Bars

Most of us understand why store owners leave a few lights on when they close up shop. This is to allow those outside to see what’s happening in the store while the owners aren’t there. The same can be true of your car when you choose to install LED light bars. These devices can be made to turn on if the doors open, giving potential thieves an unpleasant surprise if they ever try to make a victim out of you.

Turn Your Wheels to the Curb

If you park on the street, make sure you get into the habit of turning your wheels to the curb. This reduces risk because many car thieves utilize tow trucks when they engage in car theft. When your tires are facing the curb, you make this much more difficult to achieve. You should also turn your tires all the way left or right when you park elsewhere so potential thieves will be limited to towing you from the front.

Keep Registration and Title Separated From Your Car

If you give someone all the ingredients they need to bake a cake, you shouldn’t be surprised when they present you with the final frosted product. The same holds true when you leave your title and registration in your vehicle. In the event it were ever stolen, you provide the thief with everything they need to sell your car. This is a common mistake that thousands make on a daily basis. Instead of keeping this information in your glovebox, consider filing the title in your home or office and keeping your registration safely in your wallet or purse.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

It’s not always the vehicle thieves are after. Sometimes, the incentive for burglarizing a car is to retrieve something of value that can be seen inside. If you’re like approximately 33 percent of people who have reportedly left their car running while they go in somewhere for a few minutes, understand that you’re at an increased risk of theft. Whether they take the whole car or are primarily focused on the brand new iPhone sitting on the dash, you’ll be at a loss.

Passing On Knowledge to Help Others

If you’re a security officer, it’s your job to keep people safe, and this isn’t limited to the risk of bodily harm. Car theft is a real problem across the globe, and you owe it to yourself and those around you to do whatever possible to prevent occurrences. Consider carrying bear spray. By passing on this knowledge, you can help yourself while helping others.

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