Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe Review

If you usually work for long hours while standing on your feet, you can testify to just how tiring and painful it can be over time. Wearing the right work shoes is necessary to ensure you not only work comfortably but also avoid any painful episodes after work. Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe is designed to absorb and rebound energy where necessary to ensure that you have an easy time walking throughout your shift.

Read our Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe review to learn more about it and what you can expect during use.


The Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe comes with a highly protective and functional design. It features a waterproof shaft and highly comfortable insole and a high-quality rubber outsole. If its comfort and protection you need, this is exactly the shoe for you. The upper part is made of extra durable leather and lined with a waterproof nylon mesh. The bottom is designed to be anti-slip on a variety of surfaces and substances workers encounter. Additionally, it is resistant to oil, water, metal chips, heat, chemicals, and abrasives.


As you can see, this shoe is designed to provide workers with all the protection they need when it comes to their feet. The six-inch high shaft on this shoe is designed using high-quality durable and waterproof leather. As previously mentioned, the outsole is designed using high-quality rubber capable of serving you diligently even with repeated use in the most demanding conditions. The boosts are free of any metallic parts.


The Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe is designed to ensure that you make it through the most demanding working days comfortably. It comes with top of the range insole design meant to relieve the pressure off the heels as well as provide great rebound when walking. It comes with a removable insole with EVA cushion insert and adiPRENE rebounding toe pads and shock absorbing heels.

There is also a directly attached midsole section and rubber traction bottom also featuring AdiPRENE technology by Adidas.


When shopping for a work boot, it is important that you find the right shoe offering value and most importantly comfort and protection. The high-quality materials used ensure that you are protected from common workplace dangers in every way possible. The shoes are known to be easy to break in, and as such, provide comfortable use almost right out of the box.

Finally, in our Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe review we will state that the only con is the fact that the long shaft makes lacing them a bit of a challenge.


Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range Review

Being out in the forest is something that a lot of people love. The calmness, the serenity and getting in touch with nature is certainly something that’s capable of bringing you great advantages, both physical and psychological. However, there are quite a few things that could harm you in the forest and bears are definitely one of those that you should be thoroughly and sincerely afraid off. These beasts are certainly capable of ripping you to pieces as they could do so with one or two swings of their heavy and powerful paws and sharp claws. However, if you, by any chance, happen to encounter a bear – there is one thing that’s not only going to help you out, but it’s going to repel the beast away and make it run in pain – the Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range.

A Potent Repellent

Having the right type of bear spray in the woods is an absolutely necessity. If you consider going out there, you should most certainly purchase a spray of the kind, especially if you are aware that the region that you intend to visit has a population of bears. While not every bear is going to attack unless you cause harm to her or her little cubs, there are situations in which you might find yourself without an option. You might have involuntarily triggered a reaction in the bear without even knowing it, and this might set off the attack. If that happens – a bear spray is the only thing that could effectively help you as even if you shoot the animal it’s unlikely to do the job on the first time, and you most certainly won’t have time for a second shot.

Wide Range Guaranteed

The Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range is capable of launching off a spray at a range of 30 feet. This means that the bear would be sprayed long before she is capable of reaching out to you. Furthermore, the spray guarantees the most powerful stopping potential amongst all other sprays on the market. It comes with a glow in the dark safety which is going to ensure that you can use it when it’s dark, and the range is ensured thanks to the heavy fog delivery system. It is proven, and it has been dully field tested. The unit also offers about a 3-year shelf life counted from the date of manufacture.


SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Review

The SABRE Red is a pepper spray manufactured by SABRE that possesses the highest strength.  It is consist of 10% of OC (oleoresin capsicum), which is the primary chemical used in most of pepper spray.  The amount of concentration used in SABRE Red is considerably higher and stronger as opposed to the common formula of pepper spray.  Another commendable factor about the development of the SABRE Red is that the manufacturer is in full control of the strength of the product.  The formula is also developed in-house and comprehensively tested.  This SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Review will guide you to the best feature as well as some of the drawback of the product.

 Strength Features

Despite of its compact size, the SABRE red has an impressive range of 10 feet.  The bear sprays that is around the size of this pepper spray can only achieve a maximum distance of 6 feet.  Those sprays with a short range are pretty risky.  Basically, the users of the pepper spray needs to stay away as far as they can when they are using the pepper spray.  A 10-ft range will actually provide you an ample time to react in case someone is planning to attack you.

Another laudable feature of this compact pepper spray is its capacity. In fact it has about a 25 shot capacity.  Other pepper spray that is abut he same size of the SABRE red pepper spray is limited to only 10 shot and can immediately be emptied in as short as 2 seconds of spray.  So in case that you will miss your target the first time you are using it,  you still have the opportunity to hit him with the spray for a multiple times.   It is additionally useful when there are multiple people that are charging you.

When it comes to the functionality, this pepper spray is very convenient to use.  A simple slide on the tab and you can immediately press the button and use it.  It also comes with a safety feature that prevents any accidental discharge; after all, no one wants to have a pocket filled with pepper spray.  There is also a key ring that provides a quick release.

When it comes to the price tag of the SABRE Red, according to most of SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Reviews, it is only around $10 for each canister.  The value is very worth it for the amount of protection that it offers to you.  The shelf life of the pepper spray is about 4 years which is significantly longer compared to the other pepper spray.

By analyzing this SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength Review, one will immediately though that it is one of the best compact pepper sprays that is offered in the market.  The strength, range, and price will indeed provide the best value for your money.


Tactical Gear Store: Are You Prepared Enough?

Tactical Gear is worn purely for the protection by armed forces, giving a complete coverage from the head to toe including elbow pads, knee pads, eye wear, belts, weaponry slings, combat books and a number of holster options depending on which level of gear you are aiming for. It is important that you purchase these gears from a place with repute since you depend on them to save you from extremely fatal and injurious situations. Quality material and proper techniques in design are essential when you select your tactical gear store, mostly to buy these gears in bulk.

Other than the military personnel, these gears are worn by extreme adventure loves, people who are involved in providing security as well as sportsmen in extreme situations. These gears provide not only protection but also flexibility and functionality needed in such situations, without compromising one’s safety. A properly worn tactical gear guarantees of safety, confidence and functionality. If you are to upgrade your already existing tactical gear, it is advisable that you for a store which offers the latest designs, since this industry usually provide new and improved designs frequently.


Apart from the above mentioned obvious ways of using these safety gear, there are other practical uses in which these gears are used. Most of the industrial companies especially with regard to construction can be seen using tactical gear for a better measure of safety. If you are merely an enthusiast of camping or other outdoor hobbies, these will give you not only the extra protection but also a sense of responsibility as well. When you are donned with tactical gear, it will give you an added advantage in extreme situations especially if you are involving in them for entertainment, giving you the freeness of mind to enjoy your task without having to worry too much about your safety.

Online Tactical Gear Stores

When you buy tactical gear online, always go for a store with a variety of options with a generous amount of reviews and feedback from those who have used those gear before. This is due to the reason that there will be no space for experiments when you are involved in a situation which requires you to wear tactical gear! If you feel that the large variety of the selection is overwhelming, it is always a good idea to get the assistance or guidance from a person who has worn and experienced them before. It is also better to notice that these gears can sometimes be prohibited by law when it comes to civil usage in different countries, therefore, be aware of your local laws when buying military or security related tactical gear from a store.

Tactical Gear – Many Applications and Different Pieces


While a lot of people might share the same misconception that tactical gear is only worn by military men, the truth is that it has a wide range of applications. Right off the bat, hunting for sports is one of the most commonly spread hobbies among men throughout the entire world. They are going to need a lot of specific gear in order to carry out their favorite endeavors appropriately and successfully while at the same time ensuring the safety of all people who are involved. With this in mind, there are quite a few things that every single huntsman must have in his backpack.

Whether hunting or on a security detail…the proper equipment is paramount.

A Proper Backpack

Speaking of storage spaces, the proper tactical backpack is absolutely mandatory if you are going on a hunting trip. You need somewhere to store your hunting accessories at such as your knives, binoculars, sprays, bullets and even some of your guns. Furthermore, you would need to pack supplies such as food and water for the time you are going to spend hunting, and this means that you are going to need a lot of space. Hunting tactical bags are also waterproof in order to ensure that the contained goods are properly preserved regardless of the weather conditions and whether you accidentally get them soaked.


Your binos are another absolute must when on the job. Relying on your bare eyesight to spot the game far away from you is most certainly not a good choice. Even though the majority of rifles are going to come with great optics which are going to provide you with a clear shot, sometimes it’s not appropriate to draw your gun just to sight see. The right pair of binoculars is going to solve this particular problem.

Clothing – it’s Essential

Your tactical gear also includes the clothes that you are going to be wearing when it comes to the profession. You need to make sure that they are convenient, and they are comfortable and light so that you could easily move through the forests or the fields or throughout all sorts of terrains. They must also be appropriate – this means that you would have to consider the current weather conditions when you pick your clothes as some of them are going to offer thermo-insulation qualities which are particularly beneficial when it comes to hunting during the colder winter months or if you have to go through rivers, for instance. The latter would also require your gear to be waterproof, but that’s typically something that you must get regardless of what you are looking for.