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Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment Review

This Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review provides detail about this law enforcement modular tactical equipment system. It has been designed for use in the law enforcement sector, particularly for sport and security enthusiasts, as well as military personnel. This complete set comes with all the holsters and pouches required by most tactical teams.

Other Features of the Black Law Enforcement Model

This Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review also explains the details of this unit. For one, it comes equipped with an adjustable law enforcement duty belt that has belt keepers, quick release buckle, as well dual magazine pouches, that are complete with vertical/horizontal secure systems. This model also features a cell phone/pager/gloves case, pepper spray/chemical agent spray case, key holder, handcuff case, universal radio case, flashlight case, expandable baton case, as well as a completely adjustable duty holster that comes with an extra mag pouch. It also has a quick attachment with full adjustability and complete lacking. At the same time, the belt may easily be adjusted from 35 inches to 54 inches.

Several customers have already purchased this model in various retail sites online. Most of them reported things that are positive with this product. For instance, some say that they are happy with the overall delivery of the unit. Despite the fact that some of the pouches included with the belt may be too small, or may not suit the needs of the users, they are generally of high quality. The overall quality and durability of this unit is high, making it an industrial grade product. While you may expect to see some issues with some pouches being deformed, they can be easily adjusted back to its condition after delivery.

Good Price Point

At the same time, one Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment review also said that this unit is available at a good price point. It is decent enough to provide you everything that you need. You may even be able to customize the use of this system. There are enough number of pouches included, which means that you can have everything that you may need right there on your belt. You can also be able to remove about everything so that you can those positions that you are already familiar with. Another good thing about this unit is that, despite the affordable price point, they do not feel like they will rip apart soon. Things are secure, and everything is stiff.

Overall, the belt in itself is already solid in construction. Therefore, you do not have to worry about things falling off your belt. Even though you may not be able to see belt keepers, it has the capability to hold everything right in place. It works fairly for those in the service, as well as those who need it for personal reasons.