Trendy New Products in Security Guard Gear You Should Consider

Security guards are crucial to the safety and well-being of any organization, and it’s no wonder why, according to the United States Bureau of Statistics, more than one million brave men and women are employed in this industry across the country.

Whether you are just starting a career monitoring the activity at spectator sports events or have long served as a bouncer at a busy bar, it’s important to understand that, in an instant, you can find yourself facing a life or death situation, and it’s up to you not only to keep yourself alive, but also defend the lives of those around you. There is some trendy new gear you should consider to achieve just that.

Dangers of the Road

If you patrol the streets, you can quickly find yourself in a position that requires you to go well above and beyond the posted speed limit. As scary as this can be, it can easily become a necessity while in pursuit of a suspect. Officers who are at a much higher risk of sustaining injury or death on the road are those who use motorcycles. These vehicles offer a higher level of maneuverability, but they also offer much less stability in the event of a crash.

The good news is that there are a variety of new products on the market when it comes to helmets. Depending on the unique nature of your work, only you know what features would offer you the most benefit, and you’d do yourself a favor to take a look at motorcycle helmet comparisons to ensure you find just the one to meet your needs.

Hidden Cameras

As a security officer, it’s not only your job to catch bad guys, but you also must be easily able to provide reliable evidence so justice can be served. In our day and age, this is easier than ever to achieve. There are a number of types of hidden cameras from which you can choose, and you can place them discreetly around your work setting. When something does go wrong, you can provide indisputable evidence to support your claims. Just a few unique products on the market worth considering include:

  • Clock cameras
  • Hidden spy cameras in glasses
  • Mini thumb DVR cameras

Proper Medical Equipment

While you hope you’ll never have to use it, having the proper medical equipment readily available is crucial for any type of security officer. Especially if you’ve never had to use medical equipment, now’s the time to either create the appropriate arsenal or analyze what you already have on hand. Even the most seemingly insignificant measures can mean the difference between life and death, and just a few things to consider adding to your medical equipment include:

  • Complete first aid kit
  • CPR mask
  • Decontamination towelettes
  • Ice packs

Making the World a Safer Place

The combined efforts of security officers around the world make us all feel more at-ease, and the work done by these courageous individuals is often overlooked. If you’re one of the proud that puts their life on the line to make the world a safer place, you can go home at the end of the day feeling like you made a real difference in the lives of hundreds or even thousands.

However, the dangers are real. In fact, in the mall industry alone, an estimated 80 assaults on security guard officers are reported each year. Facing danger is a part of the job, but you can decrease your chances of becoming a grim statistic when you take the time to prepare with the right gear.

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